3 Ways to Style a Simple Nightstand October 04 2016

For all of our minimalistic lovers, the clean and sleek nightstand works well until you don’t have anywhere to put the bedside essentials. Before you know it, everything but the kitchen sink is buried on top and spilling onto the floor. And let’s be honest, there’s certain items we like near and not far when we are about to catch some Zz’s. Instead of rushing to the nearest furniture store to buy anything with as many drawers as you can find, consider these three styling tips to tuck all the must-haves away:

Add a Small Bowl for the Goods. Chapstick, hair ties, loose change - you name it, the Zera, Akazi, or Bariku Bowl catches it. When books, notes, or even clothes are thrown carelessly on the nightstand, it is the fastest way for a simplistic look to go from neat to messy. The bowl makes it easy to store all your right-hand goodies.

Grab a Lidded Basket & Fresh Flowers. The Sisal or Karongo Basket is typically given as a native gift containing items for good luck at weddings or special occasions in Rwanda. On the nightstand however, they provide good luck by keeping items out of sight! Sleep better by stashing your phone under the lid, or use the basket piece to plant a succulent for some bedside greens.

Get Your Favorite Candle and Add Nesting Bowls. If one isn’t enough, opt for the nesting bowls! The Muhanga Nesting Bowl Set comes with three different sizes. Stagger them on top of your nightstand to store typical items like a sleep mask, box of tissues, or glasses case.

    We can’t wait to see how you style your bedside!



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