7 Ways To Use Our Zera Bowl So You Never Get Bored – Local + Lejos




Our best selling Zera Bowl is a piece that offers too many uses to count! We wanted to show you 7 different ways you can incorporate this piece into your home. Once you see the variety the Zera Bowl offers, you will never need to be worried about feeling like this wasn’t the perfect piece for your home. 


1. Entryway: Never lose your keys again

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2. Bathroom: Stack your hand towels neatly.

Shop Zera Bowl - $45


3. Shelfie: Complete your shelving look with a unique but simple piece.

 Shop Zera Bowl - $45


4. Wall Décor: The loop on the back of each of our bowls allows you to quickly utilize it as wall piece.

Shop Zera Bowl - $45


5. Kitchen Table: The perfect place for your fruits.

Shop Zera Bowl - $45


6. Guest Room: A neutral accessory for any room in your home.

Shop Zera Bowl - $45


7. Bed Side Table: Your jewelry and bedside reading material will be well kept.

Shop Zera Bowl - $45


Our Zera Bowl is handmade in Rwanda by the Kwizera Cooperative. For every bowl you buy, you help provide sustainable employment to our artisans abroad, allowing them to provide for their families and future.  


Hopefully this has inspired you to use the Zera Bowl in a variety of spots within your home. We'd love to see what other ideas you come up with, remember to tag us on Instagram @localandlejos, for us to share your photos!