A New Kind of Pillow Talk May 03 2017

When we launched the Catarina and Toluca Lumbar Pillows back in the fall, we knew they would be a hit. What we didn't know was that they would sell out within just days of their launch! We really believe the design and handiwork of these pillows speak for themselves. 

As you might be familiar with the work of our artisans in Teotitlán del Valle, Mexico, for our rug collection, we designed this complementary pillow collection to go hand in hand. Even though the style of these lumbar pillows is "in", we really wanted to create a design that was unique in color and geometric shapes that took after the original Oaxaca designs for these textiles. While these textiles have become quite trendy in American homes, the traditional patterns and colors of these cultural masterpieces have been around for centuries. You'll find this collection reflects what you would expect from Mexico but with an added twist of neutral tones and soft hues. We went to the drawing board with our artisans to collaborate their native tribe design with our updated, modern touch. The unique mesh of the two produced what was inspired by the well-loved and sought after Mexican designs to bring you an updated, timeless pillow for your home. 

We really wanted to offer one that was neutral and could fit into any space. That's where the Toluca Pillow comes in. The design is 100% inspired by the Oaxaca patterns, but the colors speak loudly to the modern home. The Catarina Pillow on the other hand takes after its origin with the bright, vivid hues. Each add such texture, color, and pattern to a space - whether they be added to a simplistic bed or clean couch, you can be sure that either pillow will do just that.

Each pillow takes about two weeks to make start to finish. But that is just on the loom! Before that, the whole community takes place in the process of assembling the wool, making the dyes, dyeing the wool, and more. To learn more about how our artisans make the dyes by hand, head to this blog post. By the time it reaches the loom, the materials have already proved to be a cultural labor of love. When it is completed and finds it's way to your home, the each pillow is truly a work of art and a reflection of a preserved culture full of design, craftsmanship, and beauty. 




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