The Story Behind Our Oaxacan Rugs November 08 2016


We believe these rugs speak for themselves, but we wanted to explore the history with you! While each of them are handwoven on a loom by one artisan, from start to finish, it truly takes a tribe to complete a final piece. The process starts with grooming the wool, then spinning and dyeing yarn, all before designs are even discussed. Once we found the amazing work from a group of artisans in Teotitlán del Valle, Mexico, over a year ago, we began sketching what you can now purchase in 5 different patterns and 3 sizes! While these textiles have become quite trendy in American homes, the traditional patterns and colors of these cultural masterpieces have been around for centuries. It wasn't long before we caught wind of the incredible quality and beautiful work of these artisans that we wondered why it has taken so long for them to travel up our way. We immediately began crafting rugs and pillows with patterns and colors fit for a modern home. 


When we traveled down to Mexico, we were amazed to learn about the process of weaving, but we were even more surprised at how they make dyes. One of the ways they achieve the bright, rich red hue is by using the color from a native insect and dissolving it in liquid. You can see this color in the Catarina Lumbar Pillow or Zapotec Rug. It is then used to mix other colors and dip yarn before it is woven into a rug or pillow. 


Our inspiration came from Teotitlán del Valle itself. The culture from which the textiles come from is vibrant and alive with the hum of looms which are the heartbeat of the city. The rugs and pillows turned out to be a beautiful collaboration of inherited craft and stylish designs. You'll find this collection reflects what you would expect from Mexico but with an added twist of neutral tones and soft hues. Each rug comes in 3 sizes – 2x3', 3x5', and 5x7'. The two smaller sizes are stocked and ready to shop as soon as you purchase, but the 5x7' is made to order! In case this wasn't enough to convince you that you need one in front of your bathroom sink or padding the kitchen floor, take a look at the photos.



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