The Present: Our Mission – Local + Lejos



Our Mission

Local + Lejos is a home decor company bridging communities near and far. We create modern pieces traditional retail stores cannot offer at attainable prices, By delivering unique handmade goods, we empower artisans to grow a business, preserve cultural traditions, and create sustainable futures for their families.

For our first collection, we worked directly with master crafters in Guatemala. Mayan artisan women have been weaving in the region of  Sololá  for over five centuries and together we can ensure that their methods live on. While Local + Lejos is here to help make your home a more beautiful place, we thank you for also helping to make life more beautiful for the communities  we are  so  privileged  to work with. We hope you enjoy the vibrant colors and patterns in our collection.


Our Name

Local {english}: being or relating to a particular area 

Lejos {spanish}: far away, distant 

While the literal meaning of Local + Lejos is near and far, when combined, the name Local + Lejos represents so much more. Local  describes  the tight knit communities we work with and how we are able to positively impact their lives on a very real, measurable level.  Lejos  represents the far away places we travel to  uncover these goods, bringing them  back directly to you.  We curate our hand crafted  goods from these far away lands to allow you the ability to decorate your home to reflect the global citizen that you are.