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Local & Lejos - Our Story

Our Mission


Local + Lejos is a modern home decor company bridging communities near and far. Though we're still a young company, our first years in operation have taught us a valuable lesson: to achieve significant and lasting impact in the developing communities where we work, we can best serve both our customers and our artisans by offering a highly curated selection of contemporary products.

This strategy ensures we're only bringing you the best products, things we know you will love to add to your home, while simultaneously allowing our partners the stability they need to expand operations, train new artisans, and provide a better existence, for today and beyond.

Local & Lejos - Our Story

Our Process


Local + Lejos identifies long term partners within developing communities to create maximum impact.

Local + Lejos collaborates with these artisan partners to create a curated selection of contemporary products.

Local + Lejos works closely with artisan partners to provide training and resources.

Local + Lejos sells these direct to you, allowing you to enrich your home with meaning.

Curated designs from far, far away.

Local + Lejos


Bringing homegoods to you from far away places
while supporting the artisans that crafted them.

English[loh-kuh l] adjective: pertaining to a city, town, or small district rather than an entire state or country
Spanish[le-hohs] adverb: pertaining to a
place that
is far away; far in
the distance



Our Founder 

Our Founder


Growing up in a diverse household, I was born with an innate curiosity about other cultures. On my first trip to Iran as a child, I'll never forget being mesmerized by the beautifully woven carpets and handcrafted gold jewelry in the bazaar. Throughout my travels, befriending talented artisans has always been the most rewarding experience.

However, learning about their struggles to make ends meet has been heartbreaking. Local + Lejos is an effort to preserve what makes this world such a beautiful, unique place and help impact the lives of those who craft. I thank you endlessly for your support, and I hope that you are reminded of the help you have given every time you see a L+L piece in your home.

Besos y Abrazos,

Sheeva - Signature